Expatriates Guide to Traveling with Your Mountain Bike


  • So you are traveling out of the country for a period of time for a work assignment or a change in life style. You have a lot to consider and you are feeling many different emotions. One question to ask yourself is should I bring my mountain bike? To answer this question you need to factor the following answers into your equation:
    • Can I mountain bike at my new location?
    • How much will it cost to transport my bike?
    • Would it be cheaper to buy a new bike at my new location?
  • You have determined that there are trails to ride and it would be cost effective to transport your bike so you decide to bring it with you on your journey.


The Move

  • Next you need to organize your bike, gear and tools so you can decide what to bring. Make sure you bring everything you need to be self sufficient in your new location. Bring extra tools with you and spare parts because you don’t know what you need and how you can obtain replacement parts. There is nothing more aggravating then needing a tool that you left at home.
  • If a moving company is going to pack your bike you are in luck but if you are going to pack your bike do some research on how to properly transport your mountain bike. It is worth the research on knowing how to pack it so the bike does not get damaged while it is getting transported.


When Your Bike arrives at the new destination

  • The move is almost over and you have arrived at your new destination. When your bike arrives inspect the boxes carefully and point out any damage to the moving company to for warns them that you could have a problem. Continue inspecting the bike and parts as you are unpacking it. After you put you mountain bike back together inspect it one more time for damage. You want to make it clear to the moving company if there is a problem because moving insurance might cover damages (if you elected moving insurance). Finally select a location to store your bike until you are ready to ride.


What to do at your new location

  • After you are settled find the local MTB organization website online to help you find:
    • Trail info
    • Store info
    • Group rides
  • Then check out a few of the local bike shops.
    • Determine which one has the product and service selection you want
    • Read what the locals have said about these organizations online.
  • When you are ready post some threads online and join a group ride or post for a riding partner. This person will be a very valuable resource and probably become a good friend. They will help you determine:
    • If you need a permit to ride on the local trails. Remember that you rules that you were use to in your home country might not apply in your new country.
    • Show you where the trails begin and end. This will save you so much time.


The tips above will help you get start. Have fun and enjoy the new trails.

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