Mountain Bike Strength Training

Man’s hunger for thrill and adventure often leads him to seek far and wide for its satisfaction; but satisfaction is just a few meters away for this could be easily offered by your mountain bike or racing bicycle. To be successful, you must be willing to undergo mountain bike strength training.

Your reason for mountain biking might be just for fun and relaxation, enjoyment of the exercise to keep in shape or become a professional biker to participate in competitions. This sport is already a part of major competitions and tournaments worldwide. What could be more interesting than blazing a trail to be physically fit or to become champion?

A recreational mountain bike rider usually takes the trails 3 times a week at moderate intensity. A competitive racing bicycle rider maintains a rigid schedule toward a competitive level up to the highest point. No matter which type of bike rider you are, you need strength and endurance training.

As in all physical activities, the body undergoes training to avoid getting injuries and the ability to handle risks and dangers. Most riders, professionals or not, are following a regimen made for their body needs or a program they created.

Benefits of a strength and endurance training programs:

* Hinders injuries common to bikers.

* Increases body strength and endurance.

* Plays an important role in hill climbing, time tracking and sprinting.

* Prevents and even reverses the loss of muscle mass.

* Decreases potential injuries to lower back, knee and shoulder bones.

* Gives better bike control and reduces post-ride muscle soreness.

* Improves leg strength and helps ride faster with less overuse injuries.

This sport activity requires the use of upper body strength because of changes in posture, riding tempo and terrain. Thus, strength training undertaken by riders of racing bicycles can go a long way. Acquire a good form of timing in your program which emphasizes weight training. You can do this anywhere and anytime using minimum equipment. Challenging exercises and variations are indispensable building up strength and muscles.

Here are some physical activities or exercises that you can perform as part of your strength and endurance training:

  1. Do crunches, squats, and leg press
  2. Perform pushups and pull ups
  3. Do step ups on a platform with weight on your shoulders.
  4. Accomplish upright rowing.

Be careful and cautious in your training for you have the risk of injuring yourself if exercises are not done properly. If you are creating your own regimen, it is essential to establish your specific goal in mind. But before anything else, you better undergo a complete physical check up with your health provider. If you have doubts regarding your physical fitness, seek the assistance of health experts; ask for their opinion. They can assess your present cardio-vascular fitness, flexibility, muscle strength and physical wellness.

Taking these things in consideration you are well on your way to a successful mountain bike strength and training program.

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