What Brand of Used Mountain Bike to Buy?

Buying a used mountain bike is a practical way to economize on the cost of a bike. Unknown to many, used bicycles are able to offer good performance along with its affordable price. Most of them have not been used much and do not suffer from excessive wear and tear that are often associated with used items. What brand of used mountain bike to buy? Such brands can be: used specialized bikes, used giant bikes, used trek bikes and used mountain bikes.

In buying used mountain bicycles, consider the following:

* Determine how much is the value of the used mountain bike.

* Check the wear and tear of the used bike you intend to purchase.

* Consider the amount incase of a resale of the used mountain bike.

* Inquire for possible warranties should it malfunctions.

Buy used mountain bike of well-know brand names since you can always rely on the sound reputation of the company. Bikes today do not last forever, so get a brand that will be able to give you many years of riding service.

  1. Used specialized bikes. Used specialized bikes are insured to offer you the same advantages as the brand new ones. Specialized mountain bikes, especially its flagship model, Roubaix has been the recipient of good reviews from cyclists worldwide. It has a taller head tube which makes the bar higher than other road bikes. This relieves a lot of stress off the wrist and back and enables you to feel less stress on your body even after a long ride. With its light and sturdy frame, going downhill is easy. It is equipped with a good anti- shock system which eliminates bumps. Whether you are a pro, serious or leisure cyclist, specialized bike is the one for you
  2. Used Giant Bikes – All used Giant Bikes retain the same high performance and durability as the bran new models. Giant is the biggest name of bicycles in the world, especially their mountain bikes. In 1980, Grant established its own brand and later became world renowned for high quality bicycles. In 2006, Grant introduced their advanced hood bike frame. The high end carbon fiber design has an integrated frame and seat part. The seat parts on all new frames are precisely fitted to the owner by the dealer. Giant Mountain bikes are known for their supreme performance and durability. There are many models to choose from: Yukon, Reign, Iguana and a lot of others.
  3. Used Trek Bikes – Used trek bikes gives the same comfortable and excellent performance as the new models. Trek bikes have carved their place in the levels of bicycles, Far from being an elitist pro company; Trek also serves newbie bikers. If you go with Trek, you are going with the family of bikes which can take you as far as you want to go. The Trek story dates back 1976, when 5 cyclists started handcrafting steel frame bikes in an old barn in Waterloo, Wisconsin. Over a quarter of centuries later, it has become a large manufacturer of bicycles with hundred of staff and workers but it is still based in Waterloo. Trek bikes are not only for road performance, time trail and trialthon but also for comfortable road rides and upright innovative travel.

Buy the best used mountain bikes at discounted prices. You have the option from a wide array of brands and models. Look for used specialized bikes, used giant bikes, and used trek bikes.

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