Mountain Bike Endurance

The sport of mountain biking, as an enjoyable and relaxing outdoor activity, is attracting ever-increasing numbers of every age and background.  There are many organized outdoor events and competitions which include on their list of activities both mountain biking and endurance mountain biking.

Endurance mountain biking is a form of exercise appropriate only for those in the peak of condition; a single competition, depending on its category, can continue for up to twelve hours.  Endurance mountain biking, therefore, is reserved for professional  bikers who have proven that they are up to the demands involved.  How is an endurance mountain biking event structured?


Endurance mountain biking events are divided into three categories according to their length.  There are three-hour, six-hour, and twelve–hour races; the three-hour races are restricted to solo men and solo women.  The six-hour events are open to either solo men and solo women, or duos–two riders of either sex; and twelve-hour races allow the broadest range of riders.  They can be solo men or women; duos of either sex; solo single speeders–either one man or one woman; a women’s team of between two and four women; and an open team of two to four riders of either sex.

Endurance mountain biking events require that the competitors register with the organizers beforehand, and, in some cases, submit to physicals.  They are also required to have their own approved safety equipment, including gloves, helmets, and knee pads.  They are expected to wear accepted biking attire, with completely enclosed shoes and the endurance mountain biking event’s designated T-shirt.

Endurance Mountain Biking Safety Measures

Safety is one of the overriding factors in endurance mountain biking events, and the bikers are expected to keep every part of their bikes in prime shape, from the tires to the handlebars.  Neither reflectors nor kickstands are permitted; headsets, adjusted hubs, sound frames, and true wheels are also prohibited.  Headphones, Walkmans, or any other sound devices are forbidden.

If you’d like to become involved with endurance mountain biking, look for a mountain biking club in your area and approach them with your questions.  There’s’ a vast amount of information on endurance mountain biking, and you’ll need to learn about everything from the basic  rules, to the local event scheduling and locations.

You can get started by visiting the Internet sites different mountain biking groups, and if you work very hard and have the ability, may find yourself a member of an endurance mountain biking team!