A Mountain Bike XTERRA (Triathlon)

XTERRA is a series of three-stage race consisting of a mountain-biking stage, swimming stage and trail-running stage. It started in 1996 in Hawaii. As a matter of fact, this is known as a world championship of sport. It has a lot of natural and man-made obstacles. Xterra needs a higher degree of skills in biking, swimming and running. Yes, it is not just a simple sport that you see live in your school or community. It is not just a single sport you usually see on television. Athletes joining this sport need to have a very good body and health condition. It needs a lot of training to join this kind of event. Preparation is a must to work on this field. There are lots of athletes joining this competition. Professional triathletes and amateurs race for national titles. There, you can see how well-trained and flexible they are.

One great consideration is a mountain bike needed for an off-road triathlon. Bike choice will really depend on what kind of course you are going to be in. Most Xterra courses are not particularly technical and can be easily ridden. Others may be hard to ride depending on your fit. You must decide what wheel size and suspension set up you want. There are hard trails and lower suspensions. A 29-inch carbon hard trail is the way to go for Xterra. An off-road bike presents severe obstacles on the bike trail.

Your bicycle will be running through the sharpness of the rocks, trees, logs and streams. It sounds challenging for you, so you must choose a better one. The technical demands and vertical climbs reduce the speed of the bicycle that is why you need to put more strength in cycling. Mountain biking requires a great mountain bike.

What is the ideal mountain bike for Xterras? All the options, wheels and tires will dismay someone who is not familiar with racing a bicycle off road. You need to be sure that you perfectly fit on it. Yes, fit is a great consideration when choosing a bike. There are frames that work great for other people, but not for you. It may seem big for someone and small for you. It can be faster for you, but difficult for somebody to ride on. Of course, when deciding what kind of bicycle is best for you, it is important to know the level of your skill, budget and riding style as well as goal race course.

Xterra gives athletes from around the world the chance to experience some of the most diverse and spectacular environments through off-road triathlon. It is a great option for Xterra athletes to test a durable and faster bike. The best mountain bike for an Xterra race really depends on the race course. It’s a great challenge. Maybe, an extra skilled person can be on the top race especially those passionate enough about the world of sports. It is more fun to run off the road especially if you are using the right bike.