Mountain Bike Suspension

When it comes to mountain bicycling, people are generally not aware that a good suspension plays a very important role in making the ride a very comfortable one. And making the right choice is not a tough job, considering the range of bikes and the types of suspension’s that come attached to them.


Learning About Mountain Bike Suspension

To be able to choose the best mountain bikes you need to have considerable knowledge of what a suspension is and how it works. This knowledge will definitely prove to be very useful while selecting the best bike for your self, as the options available in the market is outstanding.

What is Suspension?

Now a days one can find bikes fitted with front and rear suspension. The suspension, more commonly known as ‘shock absorbers’, is basically a combination of a spring and a damper and its main function is to absorb the shocks generated by the bumps and at the same time maintain the contact between the tyres and the ground. The shock absorbers play a major role in make the ride a smother one.

Different types of suspensions

Modern day Mountain bikes are divided in four different categories, basically depending on the type of suspensions they are fitted with. A) Cross country bikes, which have about 4.5 inches of suspension. B) All trail bikes are fitted with 4 to 6 inches of suspension, as they are a bit heavier than other bikes. C) 6 to 8 inches of suspension are fitted in free ride bikes, and finally downhill bikes which are fitted with 7 to 10 inches suspension.

Full Suspension or Hard tail?

Another important decision that you have to take while purchasing a mountain bike is whether you need a full suspension bike or a hard tail bike. Basically, a full suspension bike should be preferred as they are much more sturdy, comfortable and enjoyable, and much easier to control compared to the hard tail bikes.

Owing to its original and reliable components, a full suspension mountain bike is the ultimate choice for all bikers. But generally these full suspension bikes are way too expensive and hence unaffordable and the next best option is the hard tail suspension bikes.

Consider these previously discussed issues regarding the bike suspension seriously, and you are sure to find the most suitable mountain bike for your self. And once you have found the ultimate mountain bike for your self, you will never regret the time and effort you put together in research before finalizing your choice.