Choosing a Helmet for Biking

To minimize head injuries when riding your bike into the mountains, you need to choose the right type of helmets. There are plenty of bike helmets that you can choose from so make sure that you choose well. Do not scrimp on your budget when it comes to buying mountain bike helmets. There is really no point of compromising your safety just because you want to save a few dollars.

When buying mountain bike helmets, the first thing that you need to look into is the durability of the materials used. Durable materials are less likely to break at impact. Furthermore, helmets that have soft inner lining are not only comfortable, they also offer cushion to your head in case of accidents. Aside from durability of the materials used, you need to check the overall craftsmanship of the helmet. Make sure that the helmet is comfortable to wear.

Wearing your mountain bike helmet properly will probably save your life. To wear your helmet, slide the helmet forward on your head until it rest just about ½ inch above your eyebrows. Take care not to cover your eyes on the process. To secure the helmet in place, adjust the straps. The straps should form a “Y” around your ears.  Once the mountain bike helmet is perched on your head, adjust the straps on your chin. The straps should fit snugly on your chin. Try not to pull the straps too tightly to avoid hurting your skin.

Once the mountain bike helmet is securely fastened on your head, test the fit of the helmet by moving the helmet back and forth. If the skin on your forehead moves together with the helmet that means that the helmet is securely fastened on your head. However, if you feet uncomfortable or if you notice a pinch on your skin when you move your helmet back and forth, check the helmet again. Loose the helmet straps a little to make it more comfortable.