Bicycle Lights for Commuting

When cars started using day time running lights , accidents were reduced by 25%.  And motorcycles that had day time running lights saw a 13% drop in accidents.  Bicycle Daytime Running Lights just make sense, and all existing research indicates that the single best way for a cyclist to increase the likelihood of being seen by a driver is to use a flashing light that’s daylight visible.
What exactly makes a light visible in the day?  Lights that can be seen during the day.  Using a flashing tail light in the day makes you 2.4x more noticeable than with no lights at all, and 1.4x than in steady mode.  Use a flash pattern to increase being seen, specifically in daylight conditions.
Did you know that 8 out of 10 cycling accidents occur during the day.  Daytime Running Lights are the single most effective product to help increase your others awareness of cyclists on the road during the day.
If you’re looking to reduce the chance of an accident, research suggests that riding with a flashing light that’s daylight visible is the single best product solution to help make a cyclist more noticeable.