Raleigh Tokul 3 Torture Test at Highland Mountain – Will it Send?

Credit – Skills with Phil

A typical bike ridden at Highland Mountain Bike Park cost $3,000-5000 (new). How would a cheaper bike that sells for ~$1,000 hold up to double black diamond trails at Highland Mountain Bike Park?

The goal for this video was to find a relitively affordable [new] bike possible that I would be comfortable hitting all the big features at a bike park and I could recomend to my viewers. There are cheaper mountain bikes, but I have not seen many that I would be willing to abuse like this.

Remember budget is a relitive term, so your definition of budget might be much lower (or higher) depening on your financial situation. That’s okay! You’re opinion is not wrong. When compared to a typical $3000-4,000 bike riden at a bike park these days, the Raleigh Tokul is much more affordable. If you’re looking for your first bike bike, buying used is a great option if you know what you’re looking for.