How To Stay Motivated Over The Winter In A Bad Weather.

Its hard to stay motivated in the winter because it’s cold, it’s wet and it get dark earlier.

That’s not to say winter riding isn’t fun. The trails are empty and there’s nothing better than riding with your friends on a nice day.  The only problem is finding the motivation to get your self to the trail.

Here are some top tips to stay motivated this winter:

  • Make sure your gear is right.  If you don’t have the right clothing it will not be fun.  You are going to get cold and wet and want to go home.
  • Organize a ride with some friends.  If you brings some friends more then likely you will stay longer
  • Buy a new component.  Upgrade that part on your bike you have been thinking about.  After you install it you are going to want to give your bike a test ride.
  • Plan a road trip or holiday.  Plan a trip to that trail you have not visited or travel to a destination that has more favorable conditions.

Credit – ShaiBike