Is He The World’s Best Enduro Mountain Bike Racer

Credit – Red Bull



At 22 years old, he’s already a three-time world champion on a bicycle — get to know Richie Rude.first met Richie Rude when he was 13 years old and from the start, I knew he was special. He loomed larger than normal for a kid of his age.

Rude’s hands were massive; they looked like hands that could wrestle a bear or break rocks in half. He was quiet, quick with a smile, humble and, above all, brutal on a bike. He allowed his riding to do the talking for him.

Rude took two junior national titles and USAC made an exception to move him up to pro at the tender age of 15.

Matt DeLorme

“To say [Rude] was shy was a huge understatement,” says former teammate and former EWS world champ Jared Graves. “In 2011, when he first signed with Yeti Cycles — I don’t think he spoke to anyone for the first week at team camp! He’s always been more of the ‘I’ll let my riding do the talking’ type. I saw his potential and the quiet way he went about getting things done — so, I guess I took a bit of a shine to Richie.”


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